Journal Column – 12th October

The Future belongs to Wales

The whole nation has been suffering from sleep deprivation for the past month as we follow our rugby team on its quest for global domination at the World Cup in New Zealand.

After pushing current champions South Africa to the very limit in the opening group game, this young Welsh side hasn’t looked back. With every game through the remainder of the group our self belief and confidence has grown. The quarter final victory over our celtic cousins Ireland last Saturday was incredible – one of the all time great victories.

Supporting Wales in sport like being Welsh can be tough a business. A conquered nation we suffer from chronic under confidence. The troughs can be deep which means we must enjoy the peaks when they come. Its noticeable that when our sporting teams are doing well all walk with straighter backs. Sport is often the only way we can express our nationality.

The players have all been heroes to a man. Carmarthenshire as usual has contributed more than its fair share. Elder statesman and our country’s most capped player Stephen Jones, Lion Mike Phillips, record try scorer Shane Williams, new outside half maestro Rhys Priestland, powerhouse Scott Williams, lineout king Luke Charteris, midfield lynchpin Jonathan Davies and the dynamic Ken Owens are all sons of our county. Their success is testament to the contribution of our schools and clubs in producing generation after generation of world class internationals.

The success of the national rugby team proves that when collectively the people of Wales work together in a common goal we can achieve our aspirations and ambitions. I believe we can beat France in the semis and then anything is possible in the final. I also believe that we as a people can build a better future for ourselves if we are willing to grasp our destiny.

C’mon Cymru – mae’r dyfodol yn eiddo i ni! C’mon Wales – the future belongs to us!

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